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Satchel in Fallow Deer and Blue Leather

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This unusual satchel is made from European fallow deer skin, blue cowhide leather and has a lining of beige nappa leather. It has two compartments - a main compartment and a front pocket. The strap is adjustable and the bag closes with metal side-release buckles. The bag is stitched with contrasting copper coloured thread.

The bag is sturdy, but please be careful as fallow deer hairs are naturally brittle and can be bent in the wrong direction. Rough treatment of this bag isn't advised, but the bag can be brushed carefully using a metal slicker brush (i.e. a pet brush) or a clean shoe polish brush. Occasional errant hairs can be plucked out without damaging the appearance of the bag. There is an acrylic coating on the hairs in areas of higher friction (the edges of the satchel) to help preserve them.


  • Genuine European 'summer' fallow deer hide
  • Blue cow leather strap and details
  • Two compartments - a main body compartment and a front pocket
  • Lined in beige nappa leather
  • Height:
  • Width:
  • Made in United Kingdom